Mike .

Lost 150 Pounds


Mike, After


Mike, Before

I was originally born in London, a cockney, in good ole Blighty. I was soccer and sport mental, and was head school boy back at Salesian College and a pretty good looking dude (yeah right).

I left Blighty in September 1993 for the United States and have been in Denver ever since. Unfortunately, from this time thru January 2013, I managed to find wine, women and song and decided that training and working out was just not required – BAD move! My wife sat me down late in 2012 and stated that I had to do something about stopping the downward trend. I had tried dieting many times before and had to start looking for something far more serious to give me a helping hand to get back to the person I was before. The road to death was getting ever closer. My wife was really afraid of becoming a widow and my son being left fatherless – something had to be done! Previous diets saw me lose 80 pounds, put back on 90, lose 55 and put back on 85, and so on and so forth – this is when I met the one and only Dr. Frank Chae!

He sat my family and me down, and with his wry smile and confident speech, went through my options and showed me one called “the Sleeve,” which made my eyes open with anticipation and fill me with excitement.

This was the procedure for my family and me – I was ready. I attended Kelly’ s classes and was informed about this wonderful and fantastic group of people who met once a month under the guise of a Support Group. They made me feel right at home. With the help and strong advice from Shari, Mark, Cirrissa, Dee, Janet, Mary, Bob, Sam, Melissa, to name but a few, and many, many others as well as doing the pre-op work with Kelly, the time finally came. I was approved by my insurance and on January 28, 2013 I arrived at 7:30 a.m. and was on my way into the OR. Dr. Chae and Dr. Kim ready and waiting – and the start to the “Journey to My New Life” was underway!

This was easily the best decision that I have ever made (apart from marrying my wife and having my son). I need to thank my wife for sitting me down and talking so frankly to me and I only wish that I had done this procedure earlier. As stated previously, this was the start of the “Journey to My New Life” and what a year it has been! I attended the PASR event in January 2013 a few days after my surgery and was in awe at the changes in all the people who participated on that very fine evening. There I sat wide mouthed and so expectant for the months and years that lay ahead of me.

I have lost 150 pounds so far and I am so thankful to my wife, son and close friends who have inspired me and stood by my side. Going
through the preparation, apprehension and sheer exuberance at the results that have been achieved so far could not have happened without them. Of course I cannot forget Dr. Chae, Dr. Kim, Kelly, Deb and the whole group – thank you for everything.

This was truly a team effort by one and all – I thank my wife and son for being there, talking me through everything, supporting and helping this loaf through this wonderful experience. My family and I are most deeply indebted to you all. Thank You. Fair Winds & Following Seas.