Darrell Hind

When I started the program, I was 373 pounds.  

I coach football at Columbine High School.   Before surgery, it was difficult moving and doing the tasks I needed to do.  The school even bought a golf cart so I could move around at practice.  I was known as “Big Daddy” and had a great deal of success working with players.

Now one year later I am 235 pounds and able to resume all activities with ease.  My health is better.  I no longer take medication and I can play with my grandchildren.  I am so grateful for the surgery, and the program that helped me to get my life back.  

I have had several knee operations and I can now function much better than I did before.  I have more energy and can more easily do the simple thing, like going up and down the stairs.

I now have a new job in sales and it is very important to look the part for success.  It is a great blessing to shop at regular stores and get better pricing for the clothing I need.  One great victory for me was to get rid of my seat extension when I fly for work! I also can wear jeans for the first time in several years.

My message is if you can do the surgery and discipline yourself, you can have success.  I now can be an example to all youth and others who struggle with weight and assist them to develop a healthy lifestyle.

Darrell Hind_BeforeDarrell Hind_After