Chrissy Wiley


My name is Chrissy Wiley. I had gastric Bypass Surgery on February 9, 2015, which literally saved my life.  I struggled with obesity since the age of 4, which was tough in the early 1970s as a young child. Through the years, I tried many different weight loss plans and considered gastric bypass in the 1990s but decided against it. I wanted to do this on my own through diet and exercise. Then, when I turned 50 in early 2014, I finally realized that at my age, it was becoming more difficult to do it alone and I needed help. I also felt if I didn’t take control of my weight now, my life expectancy would be shortened due to my lifetime relationship with food. I also wanted to be around for my husband and enjoy our retirement years healthy and happy.

I had reached my highest weight at 354 pounds and I wore a plus size 30/32. I knew it was now time to consider weight loss surgery once again. A few weeks later I experienced an epiphany.  I received an invitation to attend a weight loss seminar that I had not inquired about. I knew then this was the right path for me. This was beginning of my weight loss journey.

There are so many reasons why I had gastric bypass surgery. I suffered with many health issues due to my weight. I had breathing issues and the high altitude made it more difficult for me. I continually suffered with asthma and bronchitis many times throughout the year. My inhalers were my best friend. I developed edema in my calves and feet so badly it was difficult performing simple chores like walking up and down the stairs to do laundry or shopping at the grocery store or the mall.

I went back to school in 2014 to study accounting. Sitting in a classroom for long periods of time would cause me unbearable back pain. Getting up and walking would make it even worse. I had many close calls falling on the Light Rail steps to get on and off the train. I also suffered with high blood pressure, heart palpitations, sleeping issues, anxiety, lack of energy and was continually lethargic.

Now, nine months after my surgery my body transformation is so surreal. I have now lost close to 130 pounds. I am down 10 dress and bra sizes. I have lost more than 69 inches on my body. My blood pressure meds have been drastically reduced and my other health issues have subsided. I can easily walk up and down stairs even above 8,000 feet. My quality of life has made a major turnaround. All the simple tasks have now become effortless.  It is the small victories that have had the most meaning for me like getting off the floor, driving a car, crossing my legs, cleaning the house, wearing tall riding boots, and sitting in a booth at a restaurant.

Making smart food choices and my exercise program are now part of my daily routine. The positive support I have received has been overwhelming from my family, friends, physician and personal trainer. I thank each and every one of them for the love and encouragement they have given me.  Most importantly, I want to thank my husband Ken. His love and support through my journey inspires me every day. Lastly, I want to thank both my Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Frank Chae and Nutritionist Kelly Elliot and their team. Without their support and guidance this would not have been possible.  Thank you for providing us with an awesome support group that inspires me each and every month. This has been such a life changing experience for me.