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Lost 67 Pounds


Angela, After


Angela, Before

Since the day I was born I have been over weight… as is my entire family. I suffered from type two diabetes, insomnia, depression, psoriasis, back pain, neck pain…the list goes on and on. I was on at least five medications and it was torture to live every day. Every morning when I woke up I honestly wanted to die. Not only did I suffer, but my kids, boyfriend and all my friends did too. Seeing me so down and having no outlook for the future made everyone around me gloomy. I tried everything…exercise, therapy, good diet, finding faith, medication but to no avail. I did not have the will power or mental strength to keep going.

On a whim, I researched gastric bypass surgery. I had seen it advertised but never thought it could happen to me. I never knew how significant this surgery is for people. After doing some research, I found Dr. Chae…what a miracle! This surgery had very little to do with vanity for me, I just wanted to live and love life for at least one day.

I had my procedure on May 6, 2013. I left the hospital three days later with NO diabetes medication. I was determined to make this a monumental event in my life. For the first time, I wanted to live a long happy life. I strictly followed the post-op diet. As soon as I was able, I began exercising. It was amazing how quickly all my horrible symptoms diminished, not just better, GONE! I am no longer on prescription medications and only take vitamins. I work my butt off at the gym!

By no means is this an easy cure. I eat very well and it shows. Since May 2013, I have lost 67 pounds! I am a normal BMI for the first time in my life and went from a size 20 to a size 6. If there was no extra skin from my weight loss I would be a size 4! But oh my goodness, size 6 is like a dream come true and I’ll take it! My mind is so clear and in the present. I am here to love and be an example to my children. My healthy diet is not just for me… my family is eating very well too! I am able to concentrate more, which enables me to get better grades in school. I am on the hunt for a new job and my life has never been better!

Thank you all for giving my family and me our lives back. I will never be able to show how much I appreciate all of you.