Postpartum care in our Mom Baby Unit

Mom and Baby Unit room

Your experience does not end after you deliver, and neither do our services. Following childbirth, you and your baby are transitioned to a private mother-and-baby room where you can continue bonding until your hospital stay ends.

Our Mom Baby Unit includes experienced postpartum nursing staff and allied medical professionals who will provide the support you need to recover from childbirth, bond with your baby, begin breastfeeding (if desired), learn the basics of newborn care and transition home.

Special amenities in the Mom Baby Unit

  • Help with breastfeeding by certified lactation consultants
  • "At your request" meal service featuring chef-prepared meals delivered to your room
  • Complimentary afternoon tea service and a "baby" bundt cake
  • Free 24-hour access to the Newborn Channel with programming on all aspects of newborn and infant care
  • Free internet access
  • Bella Baby photography sessions with Web access

Caring for you and your newborn

Your baby has arrived! What a joyous moment for you both. Your body provided a wonderful, safe haven for your baby, and your baby wants to continue this connection. The best way to provide security and comfort to your baby is through "skin-to-skin" contact.

Skin-to-skin contact for moms and babies

This means we will place your baby bare-skinned directly on your chest after birth. The first hours of snuggling skin to skin allow you and your baby to get to know each other. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that all breastfeeding babies spend time skin-to-skin right after birth.

Skin-to-skin contact:

  • Gives you and your baby the best start for breastfeeding
  • Helps babies breastfeed better and longer
  • Reduces baby’s crying and level of stress hormones
  • Keeps baby warmer
  • Helps keep baby's temperature, heart rate and breathing rate stable and more normalized
  • Exposes baby to the normal bacteria on mom's skin, which may prevent the baby from getting sick

Skin-to-skin cuddling may also affect how you relate to your baby. Researchers have watched mothers and infants in the first few days after birth and they noticed skin-to-skin moms touch and cuddle their babies more. Being skin-to-skin also helps lower your stress and makes you feel more confident as a new parent. These benefits last long after the birth.

Breastfeeding support

Virtual breastfeeding support group

Every Wed and Fri from 9:30am - 10:30am on WebEx.

This class is designed for moms and babies from birth to eight weeks old. We want to help you and your baby become a successful breastfeeding team. You may be referred to an outpatient lactation facility or lactation consultant if your needs are more in-depth than the time limit allows. Please plan to feed your baby during class.

From your computer (camera access):

Breastfeeding is a special gift a mom can give her new baby that has many inherent benefits for both mom and baby.

Benefits of breastfeeding for baby:

  • Reduces the risk of SIDS, obesity, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, asthma and other chronic diseases
  • Reduces the number and duration of illnesses
  • Breast milk is easier to digest
  • Helps your baby’s immune system mature
  • Increases the effectiveness of immunizations

Benefits of breastfeeding for mom:

  • Overall health benefits, including decreasing the risk of breast and ovarian cancers
  • Convenient and always ready for baby at just the right temperature
  • The healthiest choice at the least cost
  • Increases the rate of weight loss in most mothers

If you choose to breastfeed, our team at Sky Ridge is here to support you and your baby. We have certified lactation consultants who are available to help and counsel you during your stay. Sky Ridge also offers a breastfeeding support group to assist moms who would like a little extra support. Certified lactation consultants lead this group to keep moms on track for a successful breastfeeding experience and will weigh your baby to assess his or her progress.

This is especially designed for moms and babies from birth to eight weeks old. Come join us and enjoy the company of other nursing moms.

If you have any questions, please call our lactation line at (720) 225-2233. There is no cost and drop-ins are welcome.