In-hospital care for kids in Lone Tree, Colorado

At Sky Ridge Medical Center, we understand having an ill or injured child can be stressful and overwhelming for parents. We also know a hospital environment can seem frightening to little ones. That is why our pediatric inpatient unit offers a fun, child-approved environment equipped with expert pediatric specialists and the latest, kid-friendly technology—helping both you and your child feel at ease.

For more information about pediatric care at Sky Ridge, please call (720) 225-KIDZ (5439).
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As part of the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children family, Sky Ridge’s pediatric department offers superior care for children of all ages. Whether your child is recovering from surgery or has been admitted to the hospital after being seen in our pediatric ER, our pediatric inpatient unit serves as a safe, fun and comfortable place to heal.

Throughout the unit, you will see cheerful décor and compassionate pediatric medical teams dedicated to making your child’s hospital experience as easy and home-like as possible.

We offer direct access to pediatric experts in a variety of specialties, including:

Inpatient unit designed with kids in mind

At Sky Ridge, we know children require a unique type of care and healthcare environment. Our pediatric inpatient unit and facilities were designed to meet the emotional and physical needs of children, all while ensuring their care is our top priority.

For example, playing is not only fun for children, it is therapeutic. Patients who feel well enough are encouraged to enjoy being a kid in our playroom and outdoor playground. Siblings without signs of illness are welcome to use these play facilities, with or without their sibling.

Our goal is to provide your child with fun, home-like amenities to reduce his or her anxieties, which allows our pediatric specialists to focus on helping your little one feel better.

Our pediatric inpatient unit offers:

  • Comfortable, decorated private rooms with space for parents to spend the night
  • “Ouchless” medical techniques
  • Kid-friendly pre- and post-op rooms
  • Playroom and outdoor playground
  • Ronald McDonald Family Room where families can seek respite during their child’s care
  • Kid-sized medical equipment to make procedures less overwhelming

Pediatric surgery

The pediatric surgery program at Sky Ridge is home to nationally recognized pediatric surgeons and specialists.

We are always looking for ways to help make the hospital and surgical experience faster, less invasive and more kid friendly. We are pleased to offer rapid MRI studies to diagnose appendicitis and decrease radiation for children as well as stress-relieving techniques with RxPlainER, a tablet for children that explains treatments offers games and shows to keep them occupied during procedures.

Minimally invasive surgery for children

Our surgeons are always looking for ways to use minimally invasive surgical techniques to improve our patients’ immediate and long-term results. Minimally invasive surgery uses advanced technology and techniques, allowing for smaller incisions and therefore disrupting the body less during surgery.

For the right patient, this type of surgery:

  • Reduces pain
  • Lowers complications
  • Reduces scarring
  • Gives kids a chance to return to normal activity faster

Our pediatric surgical team

Our surgeons are well known in the field of pediatric surgery because of their innovation in minimally invasive surgical techniques. They are supported by specially trained pediatric radiologists, pediatric anesthesiologists and nurses and techs who specialize in caring for kids.