Hip replacement surgery at Sky Ridge

Hip pain can make everyday activities, like walking and getting out of bed, difficult. Our team of orthopedic specialists provides personalized care before, during and after hip procedures and uses the latest technology, including minimally invasive surgery, to treat hip problems and help our patients live pain free.

Minimally invasive hip surgery

Our orthopedic surgeons perform minimally invasive surgeries whenever possible. Anterior-approach hip replacement is a muscle-sparing method that uses the natural muscle plane at the front of the hip to access the hip joint and insert a hip prosthesis. Specialized instruments allow our surgeons to perform a total hip replacement by simply displacing the muscles that surround the hip joint.

This surgical approach causes less trauma to the body than other traditional techniques because no muscles are cut.

Benefits of minimally invasive hip replacement surgery

One of the biggest benefits of minimally invasive hip replacement surgery is that it allows for smaller incisions to be made (about three inches compared to 12- to 14-inch cuts required for traditional surgery).

Smaller incisions, coupled with no major muscles or tendons are being cut during the surgery, results in:

  • Less tissue trauma
  • Reduced tissue trauma and scarring
  • Less pain
  • A shorter hospital stay
  • Less-challenging initial rehabilitation period

Ultimately, our patients benefit from a faster recovery and can get back to their normal function and activities more quickly.

While the minimally invasive approach is a relatively new technique by U.S. standards, our surgeons have performed thousands of these procedures since Sky Ridge opened in 2003.