Turning Fear into Confidence with the Latest Technology

The Breast Cancer Care team at Sky Ridge is always striving to provide the best for our patients. As part of our commitment to compassionate, expert care, Dr. Chris Williams, Dr. Jeremy Williams are using the most advanced techniques for breast cancer patients by performing breast reconstruction surgery with a technology that allows for visual enhancement of the vessels blood flow. 

Why This Technology Helps You

The SPY Elite Technology enables ourSPYElite surgeons to visually assess and analyze the quality of blood flow in the vessels, which is an important factor in successful breast reconstruction.

 "This technology helps us reduce complications and decrease healthcare costs while speeding up recovery time and improving our patient outcomes." 

Dr. Jeremy Williams

Breast Cancer is the second most common cancer among American women, and 70% of women who are newly diagnosed are unaware of all the surgical options available. Sky Ridge Medical Center wants to educate women on their options because we know a breast cancer diagnosis can threaten not only a  woman’s life, but her self confidence. 

Dr. Chris and Jeremy Williams and their team use this advanced technology for procedures, such as DIEP Flap breast reconstruction. During a DIEP procedure, fat, skin and blood vessels are removed from the wall of the lower belly and moved to the chest to rebuild the breast more naturally. Our surgeons use microsurgery techniques to carefully reattach the blood vessels of the flap to blood vessels in the chest. The SPY Elite Technology provides this visually enhanced imaging of blood flow for better outcomes.

The national average for failure rate in breast cancer reconstruction is 3-5%. Drs. Chris and Jeremy Williams and their group have decreased their failure rates to 0.8%, well below the national average, and reduced surgery time from a five-day hospital stay to two days.

By using the most advanced technology, we can help turn the fear of breast cancer into confidence.

Patient Story

Julie Health received her comprehensive breast cancer treatment at Sky Ridge from her mammogram at Invision Sally Jobe to her mastectomy with Dr. Joyce Moore and then her reconstruction surgery with Dr. Williams and the help of the SPY Elite Technology. 

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