Dear Family and Friends:

We know that some surgeries are longer than others, and we want to provide you with a tool to keep you better informed throughout the procedure. You have probably seen the patient tracking monitor in our waiting rooms. You have been provided with a patient code (to protect your loved one’s privacy) that will enable you to follow the course of the surgery from the time the patient is moved to the Operating Room until he or she has been transferred from our Recovery Area (PACU). The information below describes the notations that you will see on the monitor. We hope this will give you greater peace of mind while awaiting news on your loved one.

What You'll See What It Means
PATIENT ARRIVES HOLDING Where we prepare your loved one for surgery.
PATIENT READY All preparations (eg. labs, consents, etc.) have been completed and the patient is ready to move to surgery or procedure.
ANESTHESIA START The anesthesia team begins preparing the patient for anesthetic.
PATIENT IN ROOM The patient has entered the operating room.
PROCEDURE START The procedure has begun.
PROCEDURE END The physician/surgeons have completed all procedures.
PATIENT ARRIVES PACU The patient has been moved to the Recovery Area (PACU) or Intensive Care Unit (ICU).
ANESTHESIA END The anesthesiologist has turned over care of the patient to a post-anesthesia care team, either PACU or ICU.
PATIENT DISCHARGE PHASE 1 The patient has left the recovery area and is moving to a room. Please check with the waiting room volunteer for the room number.
PATIENT PACU HOLDING OUT The patient has not yet left the recovery area.
PATIENT ARRIVES PHASE 2 Please check with the waiting room volunteer to visit the patient.
PATIENT DISCHARGE PHASE 2 The patient has been discharged from Sky Ridge.