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Stroke Care When it Matters Most

When it comes to stroke, every second counts. From initial diagnostics and intervention to ongoing care, having expertise close at hand can dramatically affect recovery.

Patients suffer more than 780,000 strokes a year in the US and stroke remains one of the leading causes of death.

Strokes happen when blood flow to the brain stops and cells begin to die. As 30,000 brain cells die each second during a stroke, medical personnel need to intervene as quickly as possible to stop the stroke, limit any damage and increase your chance of recovery. That is why you often hear “time is brain.” When you suspect you or a loved one might be having a stroke, always call 9-1-1 so care can begin immediately.

Sky Ridge participates in the Stroke Alert program with our EMS partners in the field. Stroke Alert, developed at HealthONE in collaboration with physicians and EMS agencies, enables first responders to diagnose, transport and treat stroke victims and minimize the effects of stroke.

Stroke Clinical Assessments & Action Sheet

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Intra Arterial (IA) Thrombectomy

Sky Ridge is the first hospital in the south metro area to offer Intra Arterial (IA) Thrombectomy for the treatment of stroke. While clot-dissolving medicines are often used, Thrombectomy is a minimally invasive procedure in which we can remove the clot that is preventing blood flow to the brain. 

Patients who undergo the IA Thrombectomy early enough often recover with little to no lasting damage. That’s why selecting the right hospital is so important.

A small incision is made to access the artery so that our doctors can effectively remove the obstruction, dramatically reducing the damage certain types of strokes can cause.  Patients who undergo the IA Thrombectomy early enough often recover with little to no lasting damage.  That’s why selecting the right hospital is so important. 

This article from the Wall Street Journal discusses how Thrombectomy is changing the way we care for stroke patients.  One of our Stroke Specialists and an advocate for Thrombectomy, Dr. Donald Frei,  is quoted in this piece.

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Stroke Telemedicine Technology

Sky Ridge offers the latest in stroke technology with the InTouch Health Remote Presence®. This allows our patients with stroke symptoms to be assessed almost instantly by a neurologists that specializes in stroke. As a result, our emergency department physicians can work more quickly to treat stroke patients and reduce the long-term impacts.

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