There's a lot to do to prepare for the birth of your baby...

To help with this process, here are some things we suggest you do before the big day!

1) Sign up for a hospital tour and some of our childbirth & parenting classes.

Learn more about Childbirth and Parenting Classes at Sky Ridge

2) Review Financial Responsibilities

We encourage you to obtain "pre-certification" from your insurance carrier prior to your admission. Make sure you understand your specific coverage terms. Verify that Sky Ridge is an approved provider of obstetrical care under your plan. If you have minimal to no insurance coverage, the total hospital bill is your responsibility; however, we do offer a cost-reduced plan. Call our Pricing Hotline for further information at 1-888-824-7655.

If you have any questions about payment or insurance issues, please do not hesitate to call a financial counselor at (720) 225-1505.

Pregnant Woman Completes Hospital Paperwork

3) Pre-Register for Delivery

We recommend you pre-register prior to your hospital stay. Pre-registration will enable us to escort you without delay to Labor & Delivery to complete admission.

Please complete our registration form

4) Customize Your Birth Plan

To support you during the birth of your child, we want to understand your expectations so we may customize your stay to best meet your needs.

Please complete our birth plan form

5) Review "Five Wishes" Advance Directive

Federal law directs that any time you are admitted to any healthcare facility or served by certain organizations that receive Medicare or Medicaid funding, you must be told about Colorado's laws concerning your right to make healthcare decisions.

As a patient, it is your right to formulate and provide advance directives concerning your wishes for life-prolonging or sustaining treatment in the event that you should become unable to make your own decisions. Completion of the pamphlet "Five Wishes" fulfills the need for an advance directive.

You are not required to have an advance directive in order to receive medical treatment at this healthcare facility. If you would like a copy of the pamphlet "Five Wishes" sent to you, please call (720) 225-1511.

6) Select a Doctor for your Baby

Call our Physician Referral Center at (720) 225-5DOC (5362) and we will be happy to secure a free, confidential referral for you.

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More Planning Resources

Download the Sky Ridge Get Ready for Baby Resource Guide