Experienced, Compassionate Pediatric Surgery

Our pediatric surgery program is home to nationally recognized pediatric surgeons and specialists.

Working as pioneers in the field of pediatrics, they are innovating minimally invasive surgical techniques, including a technique for appendicitis that uses only one small incision and no visible scar.

We are always looking for ways to help make the hospital and surgical experience faster, less invasive and more kid friendly. We are pleased to offer rapid MRI studies to diagnose appendicitis and decrease radiation for children as well as stress-relieving techniques with RxPlainER, a tablet for children that explains treatments and distracts them during procedures.

Minimally invasive surgery

Our surgeons are always looking for ways to use minimally invasive surgical techniques (even for newborns) so they can improve our patients’ immediate and long-term results.

Minimally invasive surgery describes a type of surgery that uses advanced technology and technique to use smaller incisions and disrupt the body less during surgery. For the right patient, this type of surgery reduces pain, lowers complications, reduces scarring and gives kids a chance to return to normal activity faster.

The minimally invasive surgery (MIS) program at RMHC offers new options for exceptional care, reduced pain, lower complications and a faster return to normal activity.

Our surgical team

Our surgeons are well known in the field of pediatric surgery because of their innovation in minimally invasive surgical techniques. They are supported by specially trained pediatric radiologists, pediatric anesthesiologists and nurses and techs who specialize in caring for kids.

Our facility

In addition, our inpatient pediatric unit and our pre- and post-op units are designed especially for kids… and their families. We have private rooms so parents can spend the night with their child as well as a Ronald McDonald Family room.