Happy Mother's Day...

To all our amazing moms, thank you for every little thing you do for us every day.

In honor of Mother's Day, we asked our friends, families and patients to tell us their favorite stories or quotes involving their mothers. Thank you to to everyone who submitted a story!

Below is our special "Mother's Day Feature" of Emily Borrenpohl and her mom - your story brought a smile to our faces.

Emily Borrenpohl_MothersDay

"So this one Thanksgiving, I was helping make mashed potatoes. I was playing with the mixer and stuck my finger in it. It didn't hurt, but I was definitely surprised by what it did. Since then, this quote has been an ongoing joke in my family, "Good moms let you lick the batter, great moms turn off the mixer first." My mom even found a birthday card with this quote on it for me! 

good moms_beaters