The Importance of Support

Penny says she’s "ecstatic" about the Williams’s work, and grateful for them and everyone else who helped her through, advising women who find themselves going through her experience to rely on every bit of support they can find. "Don’t try to do it alone."

"I conquered this, and I am strong."
Penny Hornick, Breast Cancer Survivor with her daughters

All family and friend relationships became stronger, especially with her relatively estranged younger sister, who came from out of state to take care of her during and after surgery. "It brought us back together," Penny says. Her sister and "amazing" husband took good care of her and her girls, aided by her Sky Ridge colleagues, who provide meals for a month.

Penny reiterates the importance of self-exams and regular mammograms. "I had my mammogram less than a year before. If I hadn’t have done my self-exam, who knows where I’d be today?"

She says she’s blessed to have such care, and is ready to put the journey behind her and focus on what’s most important: her family. In early October (2010), her husband and girls joined her in the Denver Race for the Cure. "That was very cleansing. I cried the whole time. When we passed under the finish line, it was just amazing. I said: I conquered this, and I am strong."

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