Minimally Invasive Surgical and Non-Surgical Prostate Cancer Therapies

At Sky Ridge Medical Center in Denver, our prostate cancer team consisting of medical oncologists (cancer doctors), radiation oncologists and urologists use a team approach to care. They focus on accurately diagnosing, staging (determining extent of spread) and treating prostate cancer.

Urologist Dr. Ted Eigner provides details in the video below on a breakthrough study from Northwestern University on the merits of PSA screenings.

Advanced Prostate Cancer Treatment

Fortunately, there are many treatment options for prostate cancer. At Sky Ridge, our team uses the most advanced and least invasive therapies. Depending on your specific cancer and medical history, your treatment plan may include one or more of the following therapies:

Prostate Cancer Care at Sky Ridge

Guidelines: Prostate Conditions Education Council (PCEC) & American Cancer Society (ACS)
Date: 9/20/17
Participants: 86 community members
Outcomes: Total abnormal PSA (normal: < 1.5): 42; DRG: 44
44 abnormal DRE
  • 1 abnormal not suspicious
  • 3 abnormal – suspicious
  • 1 abnormal – suspicious nodule
  • 2 BPH 2+
  • 32 Mild BPH (does not require intervention per questionnaire)
  • 5 BPH or urinary symptoms

Follow up: Phone call if elevetaed to PSA or finding on DRE and letter of results were sent to all participants.

Effectiveness of Activity: Northwestern study indicating rise in later stage prostate cancer due to change in PSA screening guidelines. However, given lower incidence of prostate cancer in Sky Ridge service area, Sky Ridge will continue to offer this free screening to the community, but it will not be a primary focus area for outreach in 2017.