Comprehensive, Multidisciplinary Care for Cancer Affecting the Liver

At Sky Ridge Medical Center in Denver, Colorado, our dedicated team of doctors including gastroenterologists (digestive system specialists), medical oncologists (cancer doctors), interventional radiologists (radiologists specializing in nonsurgical treatments), radiation oncologists and surgeons diagnose and treat all types of liver cancer.

Types of Liver Cancer We Treat

Leading Therapies for Liver Cancer Treatment

Treatment for liver cancer varies. In some cases, a liver transplant is necessary. In other cases, a transplant is not possible and a combination of surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy or biologic therapy is used. At Sky Ridge, we offer liver cancer patients access to the newest, minimally invasive treatments available, including radioembolization for patients with inoperable liver tumors.

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Liver Cancer Care at Sky Ridge

The liver—the body's largest internal organ—stores and metabolizes nutrients, and filters and stores blood. Liver cancer is the growth of cancer cells in the liver. Learn more about Liver Cancer

Sirtex Center of Excellence

Dr. Charles Nutting, an interventional Radiologist, and Sky Ridge Medical Center were awarded the Sirtex Center of Excellence designation, recognizing the top performing hospitals/physicians that offer SIR-Spheres microspheres therapy to patients with inoperable liver tumors. Our team was selected for its dedication to the practice of interventional oncology and the quality of care that we provide.

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In The News

Breakthrough Cancer Treatment for Liver Cancer Patient: Dr. Charles Nutting was featured on Denver 7 ABC to discuss a new liver cancer treatment technology. Read more>>>