Innovative, Image-Guided Technology for the Treatment of Cancer

Unique to the Sky Ridge Cancer Center in Denver, Colorado is our expertise in minimally invasive interventional radiology (IR) for treating several types of cancer, including liver, breast and colon. Patients come from around the world to consult with Dr. Charles Nutting (pictured at right), a nationally recognized leading interventional radiologist who specializes in minimally invasive cancer therapies.

About Interventional Radiology

Interventional Radiology is a sub-specialty of radiology in which minimally invasive procedures are performed using image guidance (e.g., X-ray and MRI). These doctors specialize in using nonsurgical techniques for targeted treatments. When IR is used to treat cancer or oncology patients, it is called interventional oncology.

How IR Changes the Way We Treat

Investment in the Latest Equipment for Cancer Treatment

At Sky Ridge, you will find only the latest and most leading edge equipment in Dr. Nutting's interventional radiology suite. He says that this state-of-the-art equipment allows him to provide life-extending therapy for cancer patients.

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