Breast Health Nurse Navigator Program

Our goal is to provide our patients with the education, support and coordination to help them maneuver most effectively through their care after a diagnosis of breast cancer.

Our breast health navigator will:

  • Coordinate services throughout the continuum of breast care.
  • Supply educational resources on breast health, breast cancer and breast care.
  • Help patients make informed decisions about their breast care plan.
  • Promote communication between patients and their healthcare providers.
Contact our Breast Cancer Navigator at 720-225-2273

Who Can Benefit

  • Newly-diagnosed breast cancer patients
  • Current breast cancer patients who have questions about their care plan
  • Loved ones and support team

Download Our Breast Health Navigation Program Flyer

Meet Our Breast Health Nurse Navigator

Marina Marvin

Marina Marvin, RN, our Breast Health Nurse Navigator, attended St. Vincent’s Hospital in Dublin, Ireland where she earned her nursing degree. With more than 23 years of nursing experience, Marina came to Sky Ridge Medical Center from Rose Medical Center.

She is passionate about oncology care and has spent more than 15 years honing her experience in this area.

Marina Marvin

Marina is dedicated to evidence-based practice and innovation, and has received numerous accolades, including the Nightingale Luminary Nomination, Colorado Regional Luminary in Leadership-Advocacy-Innovation, Nurse of the Year from Rose Medical Center and Excellence in Nursing Practice Award for the Department of Oncology and Palliative Care at North Western Memorial Hospital, Chicago, Illinois.

A Quick Note from Marina

Let me introduce myself...My name is Marina Marvin, and I am the Breast Health Nurse Navigator at Sky Ridge Medical Center. I started in December 2016, and I am appreciating every moment that I spend with my patients and co-workers. 

I attended nursing school in Ireland, where I was originally born and raised. I came to America in 1994 with my nursing license to follow my nursing dreams and ambitions. Today, my parents and brothers still reside in Ireland (County Wicklow), and I go home annually to visit. I moved to Denver in 2006 as a travel nurse for Bone Marrow Transplant patient care and met my husband. I got married in 2010 in my hometown in Ireland. We have an overzealous, red-headed seven-year-old boy, named Ronan. I have 23 years of nursing experience and 15 of those years have been dedicated to Oncology patient care. I am currently in school working on my Masters in Nursing and Nurse Practitioner certification.

What Being a Nurse Navigator Means to Me

As a Nurse Navigator, I am member of the multi-disciplinary care team at Sky Ridge, serving as an advocate and educator for those facing cancer from diagnosis through survivorship. I will help coordinate a plan of care including appointments, education, support services and represent you within the multi-disciplinary care environment. 

I am also here to support each and every one of you who completed treatment for breast cancer, and patients who are still going through the process to get better. If you have any additional questions, please contact me at 720-225-2273.