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Anterior Approach Hip Replacement Surgery

Muscle-Sparing Total Hip Replacement Surgery Denver, Colorado

Anterior Approach Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement is a unique, muscle-sparing approach that uses the natural muscle plane at the front of the hip to access the hip joint and insert a hip prosthesis. Specialized instruments allow our surgeons to perform a total hip replacement by merely displacing the muscles that surround the hip joint. Therefore, the anterior approach technique causes less trauma than other traditional techniques because NO MUSCLES ARE CUT.

Benefits of the Anterior Approach

X-ray guidance is used during surgery to ensure accurate sizing and placement of the artificial hip components. There are a number of recent studies using gait and MRI analysis, in addition to clinical data, that support the belief that the Anterior (or AMIS) Approach is better for patients, both short- and long-term. Patients have a significantly shorter recovery time, less blood loss, enjoy a quicker return to full activity and function, have less scarring around the joint and experience greater stability and mobility.

While the Anterior Approach is still a relatively new technique by U.S. standards, it has been successfully performed in Europe since the 1940s. Surgeons at Sky Ridge have collectively performed thousands of these procedures since Sky Ridge opened in 2003. 

Local Experts Performing the Anterior Approach

Drs. Robert Greenhow, Harold HuntCraig Loucks, Scott Resig and John Xenos perform this technique at Sky Ridge. For more information on the physicians performing the Anterior Approach, please call our Physician Referral Manager at (720) 225-5362.