Weight Loss Surgery through Folding the Stomach

As a newer option for weight-loss surgery, gastric plication (also called Laparoscopic Greater Curvature Plication (LGCP) involves surgically folding the stomach in order to reduce its size. Frank Chae, MD, Medical Director of the Bariatric Surgery Center Denver at Sky Ridge Medical Center, was the first bariatric surgeon in Denver and Colorado to perform this investigational, minimally invasive procedure for weight loss in 2011.

Dr. Chae performs gastric plication laparoscopically using small incisions and a video camera to help minimize pain and speed up recovery. Gastric sleeve plication does not involve implants, the stomach is not cut and staples are not used.

Gastric Sleeve Plication Highlights

  • Initial studies have shown the gastric plication procedure to be effective with the average patient losing 50 percent of his or her excess weight*.
  • Compared to gastric band patients, gastric plication patients have fewer follow-up visits after surgery as there are no adjustments needed on an implanted device.
  • Stomach plication helps reduce the stomach size, restricting the amount of food that is able to be eaten versus the gastric bypass procedure that uses malabsorption in order for patients to lose weight.
  • This procedure may potentially be reversed or turned into another procedure, if necessary.

What to Expect during Gastric Plication?

Typically, gastric plication is performed during a one- to two-hour surgery and patients are in the hospital for one to two days. Following surgery, patients are placed on special liquid diets (2-3 weeks) and, over time, work toward eating a variety of solid foods, but in limited quantities.

Gastric Plication Cost

Because this procedure is new and investigational, insurance providers do not currently cover gastric plication costs. Please contact us at (303) 662-1191 to learn more and discuss financial arrangements.

Gastric plication is another option available to you, along with gastric bypass surgery, adjustable gastric banding and gastric sleeve surgery. Through consultation with our team, you and your surgeon will discuss what weight-loss procedure is best for you. Learn more about this and other weight-loss procedures offered at the Bariatric Surgery Center Denver by attending a FREE informational seminar

*Dr. Chae and his team know that results vary, so they will create a personalized treatment plan just for you. Learn more by scheduling a free consultation!