General Surgery Residency Program

John Weaver, MD. Program Director

Thank you for your interest in our General Surgery residency program at Sky Ridge Medical Center. I have been with this program since the beginning and it is my pleasure to be leading its growth and contributing to its success. Working in conjunction with other surgeons, it is my goal to maintain a first class surgery residency that provides a well-rounded general surgery education to prepare its graduates for fellowships and/or successful careers. 

Our program will offer residents experience with both in-patient and out-patient surgery as well as clinical office time. Residents will participate in a variety of rotations meant to expose them to a variety of surgical specialties. Residents can expect hands-on and one-on-one teaching experiences in the OR as well as through simulation. It is my expectation that all residents will excel through repetition and repeated exposure to surgical patients. In addition to time spent clinically, the residents in this program participate in a variety of research and scholarly activity including authoring publications and presenting and regional and national conferences. As the program grows, there is plenty of potential to take leadership roles that will ultimately prepare residents for their futures.  

I appreciate your interest in our program and look forward to welcoming you to Sky Ridge. 

John Weaver, MD
General and Bariatric Surgery

For additional information, please contact Jackie Lentell General Surgery Residency Program Coordinator (720) 795-9731

Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve lives through educating residents in the art and science of surgery by supporting and recruiting committed surgical educators, fostering an environment of inquiry while providing a dynamic training experience such that our graduates are prepared to further their education or successfully embark on a surgical career path.