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Alireza Eghtedar, MD

Alireza Eghtedar, MD

Dr. Eghtedar’s primary field of interest is novel treatments for myeloid malignancies along with alternative donor transplants for patients without a fully matched donor. During his fellowship in Karmanos Cancer Institute transplant program, he investigated different aspects of improving immune suppression to better combat graft-versus-host disease in both acute and chronic settings.
Care Philosophy

Being a son of a cancer patient, the challenges my father faced in his battle with his disease have grown a profound sense of apprehension and appreciation inside me toward my patients’ struggles, going through their transforming life experience. My pledge to my patients is to provide them a compassionate care plus the most up to date comprehensive treatment along with advocating their dignity and comfort. Every day I strive to create a balance between cutting edge science and realistic expectations of my patients particularly in the field of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. The ultimate goal: treat the disease and heal the soul.

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