5 Million Lives Campaign at Sky Ridge

As a healthcare provider, your well being and safety is paramount to us. That's why Sky Ridge Medical Center was part of the 5 Million Lives Campaign — a nationwide effort to reduce medically induced injuries in American hospitals and prevent five million instances of medical harm across the country over two years.

As a participating hospital, we committed to increasing patient safety and reducing harm by implementing 12 additional standards in care:

  • Using "Rapid Response Teams" at the first sign of patient decline
  • Delivering proven care to prevent deaths from heart attack
  • Ensuring that patients receive all intended medications
  • Preventing infections in central lines
  • Reducing surgical complications
  • Preventing pneumonia that can be obtained from the use of a ventilator
  • Preventing harm from high-alert medications
  • Preventing infections at surgical sites
  • Preventing pressure ulcers
  • Reducing methicillin-resistant staph infection (MRSA)
  • Delivering reliable care for congestive heart failure
  • Working with boards of directors to accelerate the rate of improvement in care

We are making excellent strides in these important arenas, and encourage you to be an active member of your healthcare team. Look for quality updates periodically on our Web site.