The purpose of screening is to find and treat diseases early. They are given to people who may be at high risk, but who don’t have problems.

During a doctor visit, you will be weighed. Your doctor can also measure your waist.

Screening Guidelines and Tests

Blood Pressure

All adults should have their blood pressure checked. This can be done during a doctor visit. If it’s under 120/80 mm Hg, you can go 2 years until your next check. If it’s higher, you should be checked yearly.


A fasting blood cholesterol test measures more than one type. If your levels are too high, you should be checked again within a year.

You can go 2 to 5 years if your levels are in a normal range.

Blood Glucose

The American Diabetes Association says testing should start at age 45 years. If your levels are in a normal range, you can wait 3 years to be tested again.

You can be tested at any age for being overweight with one or more of these:

  • People in your family have the same problems
  • Ethnic background or race—Black, or Native or Asian American, Latino, or Pacific Islander
  • History of diabetes while you were pregnant , or birth of baby weighing over 9 pounds
  • Women with polycystic ovary syndrome
  • History of heart problems

People with prediabetes should be tested every year.

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