The doctor will ask about your symptoms and health history. A physical exam will be done.

Tests will be done on the ears. These may be:

  • Audiometric tests —listening to tones and words through earphones in a soundproof room and reporting whether they are heard
  • Tympanometry—measures the pressure in the middle ear and the movement of the eardrum
  • Acoustic reflex—measures the response of a small ear muscle that moves when there is a loud sound
  • Static acoustic measures—helps detect a hole in the eardrum or if ear ventilation tubes are open
  • Otoacoustic emissions—detects a blockage or damage in different parts of the ear (often used in infants)

An auditory brainstem response test may be done to measure the electrical response in the brain to sounds (often used in infants).

Images may be taken. This may be done with:

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