The ringing of a phone or pinging of a text creates irresistible urges for many people to answer a call or respond to a message. Here are some tips on how to avoid these temptations:

  • Turn off your cell phone, or put it on silent, before driving
  • Place your cell phone in the glove box to avoid temptation
  • Pre-set your navigation system and music playlists before driving
  • Schedule stops to check voicemails, emails and text messages
  • Set special ring tones for important incoming calls and pull off to a safe place to take them
  • Tell coworkers, family and friends not to call or text you when they know you’re driving
  • Start all conference calls by asking if anyone is driving, and have them call back when they are in a safe location
  • Install an app on your phone that disables notifications when your vehicle is in motion
  • Ask a passenger to answer incoming calls when you’re driving
  • Change your voicemail greeting to tell people that you may be driving and you’ll call them back when you can safely do so

Positive side effects of not using a phone while driving:

  • More likely to arrive safely at your destination
  • Feeling more relaxed; some of our best ideas and solutions come when we are at ease
  • Not letting your phone control you
  • Being able to have a conversation with your passengers
  • Avoiding crashes and their associated costs – doctor visits, auto repairs, court fees, etc.

It's just not worth it