Concierge Services for Sky Ridge Employees

Providing our employees with innovative benefits and services is important at Sky Ridge. That's why we provide our employees with services designed to reduce the demands of everyday life.

Always Available to Help

Whether Sky Ridge employees are at work, home or on the road, our Concierge is available to help them manage the growing number of tasks on their "to do" lists. Here are just a few examples of services the Concierge will provide to our employees:

  • Car servicing
  • Dry cleaning services
  • Gift selection and wrapping
  • License plate renewal
  • Shoe repairs
  • Home maintenance
  • Travel planning
  • Research requests

No Cost for Concierge Services

The only fee to our employees is the cost of goods/services requested and mileage that may be incurred when/if the Concierge runs an errand with their own vehicle.

Learn More About Concierge Services (pdf)

Helping Make Your Free Time More Enjoyable

Our goal is for this service to make our employees' lives less complicated, their days more manageable and their free time more enjoyable. This is just one more way we can say "thank you" to our hard working team!

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