Sky Ridge Medical Center December 19, 2011

Lone Tree, CO — Sky Ridge Medical Center is advancing pharmacy efficiency and enhancing patient safety by adding new pharmacy workload management software.

Sky Ridge Medical Center is one of the first U.S. health systems to implement the DoseEdge® Pharmacy Workflow Manager to ensure the safety of its sterile intravenous (IV) dose preparations. The IV room is where these high-risk medications are prepared. Implementing DoseEdge® helps Sky Ridge protect its patients by ensuring the right medications are selected and prepared correctly every time. DoseEdge® adds safety to pharmacy IV preparation activities through barcode drug verification; automatic dose calculation; step-by-step image capture of dose preparation and improved pharmacist oversight and verification of the final product.

“This technology promotes patient safety by ensuring accuracy of products as well as streamlining our current workflow,” said Steve Porter, Pharmacy Director for Sky Ridge Medical Center. “We’re excited to implement this software and further support pharmacists to provide the safest care possible to our patients.”

“Safety is our number one priority,” said Maureen Tarrant, CEO, Sky Ridge Medical Center, “With the addition of DoseEdge, Sky Ridge will be able to play a greater role in delivering safe medication practices and give our patients peace of mind that they are receiving the highest quality of care.”

With DoseEdge®, all of the products used for sterile dose preparation are barcode-scanned to confirm they are correct – preventing medication errors. In addition, the software queues IV medication orders for technicians, then directs them step-by-step through proper dose preparation. Pharmacists can view workload demand anywhere on the health-system’s network, allowing them to manage the preparation and delivery of time-sensitive and high-risk doses. The software provides audit records and dose tracking, resulting in fewer lost or wasted doses, saving time and money in avoiding duplicate work while improving satisfaction of their nursing “customers.”