Sky Ridge Medical Center
June 22, 2020

Sky Ridge Medical Center earlier this year launched its inaugural Sky Ridge Student Scholarship awards for student volunteers pursuing academic degrees and careers in healthcare. The $5,000 in scholarships were awarded among four seniors based upon their longevity and commitment as student volunteers at Sky Ridge, a 3.5+ GPA and evidence of a strong interest in a future healthcare career.

The recipients of the 2020 scholarships are:

  • Carter Brand from Rock Canyon High School, attending Lafayette College
  • Sydney Brennan from Highlands Ranch High School, attending the University of Alabama
  • Mokshangna Gude also from Rock Canyon High School, attending the University of South Florida
  • Reed Rohr at Thunder Ridge High School, attending the University of Nebraska

“These students have dedicated more than 2,800 hours to us throughout their high school career and have taken on impressive leadership roles in our program. They each have a strong desire to pursue a career in the medical field,” said John Penn, Volunteer Director at Sky Ridge Medical Center.

Carter began volunteering at the Information Desk, progressed to the ICU and later to the adult Emergency Department. During his tenure he observed surgical procedures, met with physicians and is now considering a career as a trauma surgeon.

Sydney joined the Sky Ridge student volunteer program as an 8th grader. She rotated through six departments and has spent extensive time on the cardiac care floor, where she developed that volunteer position and training for the unit. Sydney aims to combine her three interests: helping others, working with children, and a love of science to pursue a career as Pediatric Cardiologist.

Mokshangna started volunteering in the Ronald McDonald Room and has since rotated through five departments including the NICU, Pediatric ER and the ICU. Mokshangna plans to pursue a career in rural healthcare focusing on providing medical care to children who do not have sufficient medical access.

Reed began volunteering at the Information Desk and later spent extensive time on the Cardiac Care Unit and in the adult Emergency Department. Recalling a significant experience with Sky Ridge, Reed observed a trauma case, where she was impressed with the quick response and complex efficiency of the medical team. That experience fueled her desire to pursue a career in emergency medicine.

“Sky Ridge has created a robust student volunteer program giving our young people hands-on experience and opportunities to learn about the many facets of healthcare,” said Kirk McCarty, CEO of Sky Ridge Medical Center. “These students are bright, passionate and inspiring. It has been such an honor to get to know them and play a small role in their bright futures.”