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Sky Ridge Medical Center

Breast MRI

Sarah Cannon at Sky Ridge Medical Center

Breast MRI at Sky Ridge Medical Center

MRI of the breast is not a replacement for a mammogram or ultrasound, but a supplemental tool for detecting and staging breast cancer and other breast abnormalities.

A MRI of the breast is performed to:

  • Assess multiple tumor locations, especially prior to Breast conservation surgery.
  • Identify early breast cancer not detected through other means, especially in women with dense breast tissue and those at high risk for the disease.
  • Evaluate abnormalities detected by mammography or ultrasound.
  • Distinguish between scar tissue and recurrent tumors.
  • Determine whether cancer detected by mammography, ultrasound, or after surgical biopsy has spread further in the breast or into the chest wall.
  • assess the effect of chemotherapy.
  • Provide additional information on a diseased breast to make treatment decisions.
  • Determine the integrity of breast implants.

Your doctor will determine if you need a breast MRI, and the team at Sky Ridge will help you get it scheduled.