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Importance of Recognizing Heart Attack Symptoms Early

Early Trip to Sky Ridge ED during Heart Attack Saved Shirley's Life

Shirley Becomes Our 5000th Cath Lab Patient and a Good Reminder of the Importance of Getting Help Quickly

Shirley Fowler, who turned 77 in November 2010, was feeling nauseous, weak and tired, and she and her daughter thought she had a touch of the flu. But she was not getting better after about a week. Concerned, her daughter Mary brought her to the Emergency Department at Sky Ridge Medical Center on a Saturday evening. That is how Shirley became the 5000th cath lab patient at Sky Ridge Medical Center.

Dr. Michael Wahl and the Cath Lab Team at Sky Ridge jumped into action when they visited with Shirley, whose heart rate was 150. Shirley had a 95% blockage of her artery and Dr. Wahl immediately placed a stent in her. Although Shirley did suffer a mild heart attack, it could have been much worse. Thanks to Mary’s insistence that Shirley go to the Emergency Department, her daughter helped save her life.

Heart disease is the number one killer of women, and often women present symptoms that are much different from men’s. If something doesn’t just feel right, call 9-1-1 immediately. We want to keep Shirley – and the many other women who may be affected by heart disease – here for many more years to come.

Shirley Fowler & Cath Lab Team at Sky Ridge

Shirley’s Cath Lab care team, back row from left to right: Jeff Tyer, Ken Miller, Raul Gonzales, Andrew Beiswanger. Middle row from left to right: Kelly Hebel, Shirley’s daughter Mary, Kris (K2) Brown, DJ Sasso. Front row: Michael Wahl MD, Shirley, Doug Sikes.