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Sky Ridge Medical Center

Diabetes Management Team

The Composition of Our Team

Registered Dietitians

A registered dietitian is a food and nutrition expert who has met the minimum academic and professional requirements to qualify for the credential "RD." In addition to RD credentialing, many states have regulatory laws for dietitians and nutrition practitioners. State requirements frequently are met through the same education and training required to become an RD.

Certified Diabetes Educators

A Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) is a health care professional who is specialized and certified to teach people with diabetes how to manage their condition. The CDE is an invaluable asset to those who need to learn the tools and skills necessary to control their blood sugar and avoid long-term complications due to hyperglycemia. CDEs at Sky Ridge also provide emotional support to diabetes patients.

About Our Experts

Jessica Crandall, RD, Diabetes Educator

Jessica Crandall, Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator

Jessica Crandall earned her Bachelor's degree at Colorado State University and completed her postgraduate work in Oneonta, New York with rotations at Rose Medical Center, through which she is accredited by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics formerly the American Dietetics Association. As a Registered Dietitian, Jessica specializes in nutritional counseling in weight management, bariatric education, cardiac diet modification, renal diet guidance, celiac disease, diabetes nutrition counseling, oncology, and also works with children with feeding and special nutritional needs. She is a Certified Diabetes Educator and Aerobics Instructor. Jessica is the national Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics spokesperson.

Halley Rust, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Halley Rust earned her Bachelor’s degree in Health Science Nutrition from Keene State College in Keene, New Hampshire. She completed her accredited dietetic internship at Keene State College. Halley has diverse work experiences in community nutrition with extensive experience in nutrition education and counseling. Halley is passionate about promoting optimal nutrition by enabling others to make informed food choices. As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Halley specializes in weight management, Diabetes, renal nutrition, pediatric nutrition, cardiovascular health. She is a board member of the Colorado Academy of Nutrition & Dietetic Denver Dietetic Association and Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics. She is working towards becoming a Certified Diabetes Educator.

Hilary Rounds, RD, Diabetes Educator

Hilary Rounds, Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator

Hilary Rounds earned her Bachelor's degree at Colorado State University and completed her post-graduate work through the VA Healthcare System in San Diego, California. Hilary is accredited by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics for Nutrition Counseling and Education as well as through the National Academy of Sports Medicine for Personal Training. Hilary has also done consulting and assessment work in nutrition and exercise. As a Registered Dietitian, Hilary specializes in health coaching and outpatient issues including bariatrics, weight management and diabetes. She is a Certified Diabetes Educator.

Angela Mariotti, Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator

Angela Mariotti earned her Bachelors degree in Dietetics at Kansas State University. She completed her accredited internship through a coordinated program in dietetics with Kansas State University. As a Registered Dietitian, Angela has worked in community nutrition and acute-care nutrition. She specializes in weight management, cardiac health, bariatric, gastrointestinal diseases, diabetes self management, disease prevention and lifestyle changes. Angela is a current board member for the Colorado Dietetic Association for Public Relations and Marketing. She is also a member of the Denver Dietetic Association and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

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