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Lung Cancer Care

Comprehensive Care for the Diagnosis & Treatment of Lung Cancer

Medical oncologist (cancer doctors) and pulmonologists (respiratory system specialists) at Sky Ridge Medical Center can help to diagnose lung cancer, provide a second opinion, stage your cancer (determine how much it has spread), plan for treatment, and offer support. Our lung specialists work with you and your family to develop a treatment plan that is both effective and aggressive. We treat both non-small cell lung cancer and small cell lung cancer.

Lung Cancer Care at the Sky Ridge

Lung cancer — the second most common cancer found in both men and women — is generally found in older adults because it is a slow-growing cancer. Lung cancer occurs when cells in the lung divide without control or order. Learn more about lung cancer

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Lung Cancer Screening

Study: CT scans can reduce lung cancer deaths by 20%

By Liz Szabo, USA Today

For the first time, a large study shows that using CT scans to screen smokers and ex-smokers for lung cancer can reduce lung cancer deaths by 20% — potentially saving thousands of lives — by catching lethal tumors at an earlier, more treatable stage, according to a study released Thursday.

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