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Colon Cancer Care

Sarah Cannon at Sky Ridge Medical Center

Colon Cancer Care at Sky Ridge

Early Detection, Accurate Diagnosis & Comprehensive Treatment

Colorectal cancer—affecting the colon (the longest part of the large intestine) and/or the rectum (the last 6- to 8-inches of the large intestine)—is typically a slow growing cancer and therefore it is highly preventable and treatable.

At the Sky Ridge Cancer Center in Denver, our team of colon and rectal cancer specialists know the importance of colon cancer screenings such as the colonoscopy – when caught early, colon and rectal cancers can be prevented. However, if cancer does develop, they utilize the most advanced therapies available to create a treatment plan that is right for you—all in a compassionate, healing environment close to your home.

Colorectal Cancer Care at Sky Ridge

  • Access to colorectal cancer clinical research trials
  • Cancer registry for lifetime follow up
  • Cancer Resource Center for support and education
  • Screening for Colon and Rectal Cancers
  • Infusion Services for chemotherapy treatment
  • Multidisciplinary, team approach to care
  • On-site Radiation Oncology services
  • Weekly cancer case conference for medical teams

Dr. Ken Blake (left), a Sky Ridge colorectal surgeon, was the first to use our new da Vinci Xi surgical system, a technological leap forward in replacing large-incision abdominal surgeries with a minimally invasive approach. He and members of the OR team were excited to be the first in our community to offer this service. 

Below Dr. Ken Blake discusses signs, symptoms and treatment for colon cancer.

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