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DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction Cont.

Sky Ridge has the Only Two-Surgeon Team Performing the Bilateral DIEP Procedure in Colorado

A single surgeon qualified to perform DIEP flap procedures may do the surgery if a woman has a unilateral mastectomy, but a bilateral procedure benefits from the skills of two surgeons working as a team during the eight to ten-hour operation. Since no other surgeons in the state are working as a team to provide this option, Drs. Christopher and Jeremy Williams are the only surgeons in Colorado who regularly offer and perform bilateral DIEP flaps today. No hospitals other than Sky Ridge currently offer this option.

Woman on CouchThe problem of local access to bilateral DIEP ironically hit close to home when Dr. Jeremy Williams's mother, Yvonne Williams, had to fly across the country in order to have the procedure. Yvonne learned she had breast cancer in 2008, and decided that although just one breast was affected, bilateral mastectomy followed by bilateral DIEP flaps would be her choice of treatment. “I knew I could do a lumpectomy and then have mammograms my entire life, but I thought that eliminating the risk of cancer in my other breast was a better option. My mother had died of ovarian and pancreatic cancer, so I was concerned about my risk level.” She said the choice of the DIEP over a TRAM flap operation was clear because she didn't want to lose her abdominal muscles or risk a hernia. “I wanted to live a normal life.” So, since it was not an option to have her son perform the operation, Yvonne arranged to have her surgery in Baltimore, where both her son and Dr. Christopher Williams had trained during residency and fellowship.

“A lot of women don't even know the DIEP is available,” she says. “Although I had to travel far from Denver to have the DIEP procedure, other women in Colorado have this great option right here.”

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