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A Less Stressful ER Visit for You and Your Family

A Less Stressful ER Visit for You and Your Family

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Going to the ER is stressful and can be downright scary when that patient is a child.

That’s why Sky Ridge’s Pediatric ER is implementing RxPlainER: a tablet that “explains” components of patient care through carefully crafted videos, sends instant messages to update patients, provides profiles on the nursing staff and doctors, explains procedures and treatments in language that is easy to understand and leaves more time for doctors to focus on their little patients.

This system facilitates communication in an easy, efficient way. While waiting for results, patients may browse the internet, review health-related videos or play entertaining, age-appropriate games.

“RxPlainER really helps to distract our young patients,” said Brenda Fahlgren, an RN in Sky Ridge’s Pediatric ER. “Before a procedure, such as placing an IV, we can show our pediatric patient a video that explains everything in child-friendly language and can be easily understood. Then, when we’re actually doing the procedure, it’s helpful to have the child watch a TV show so he or she is relaxed. Many of our patients don’t even notice we’re doing anything.”

When the fear factor is eliminated from an ER visit, so is much of the stress that comes along with it. This system increases efficiency, patient satisfaction and understanding, and allows our doctors and nurses to spend more time doing what they do best…caring for the kids. Together, we are amazing!